Looking for interesting quiz ideas - Glossary terms

Nov 13, 2018


I have a list of terms/glossary that my client wants turned into some sort of quiz.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make this interactive/fun instead of just a multiple choice quiz?

Thanks :)


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Pete Mercader

Hi, Melissa.

This is actually a very good topic to discuss to keep eLearning fresh.

I've seen quiz questions include names of celebrities as the noun or subject, although it's already a bit overused.

Personally, I find some sort of 'scavenger hunt' or 'clues' types of quizzes. You look for clues to find the next steps/questions until you complete everything. Or instead of celebrities, maybe you can include cities and the learners must find clues about landmarks. I'm not sure about what industry your glossary is about, but I hope you get the idea :)

I'll definitely be following this discussion as I think this is very interesting.

Melissa Stajcar

I really like this example - the menu is hard to navigate - but the quiz is totally what I am looking for. 



Just not sure how it was created. I like being able to select from multiple choices in the list and the automatic feedback with the thumbs up/down.

Anybody know how this quiz was created?

Thanks!! :)

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