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Sep 30, 2015

I have five online courses that need to be created. When I used freelancers to create online courses in the past, I first had the script written for the voice over artist > then got the voice over recorded > and finally looked for a designer to create the visuals in Articulate to go along with the voice. This time, I'm wondering if I should approach it differently. Is there a preference for what order an online course should be developed? I am looking for an experience online course creator that wants some freelance work and I'd like to hear about your preference for tackling all the work required to complete 5 online course modules. Each module will be at least 2 hours in duration.

Thank you!


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Being more of a interactive designer then a instructional designer I prefer to have the audio and images ready to go with at least a general understanding of what level of interactivity is required. So I would imagine it is up to the individuals preference.

Yet, if there is any room for the script to be edited then you may want to hold off on recording an have the designer read through and make suggestions for the final draft. This would benefit the project because the designer may know ways of using related software to better enhance the project before the final script is recorded. And that may require script edits.

Christina Stephenson

Hi Britany,

Great question! I agree with both Daniel and Matthew, but have a few questions as well. Do your courses have storyboards, along with the script? Or is the developer to create the course based off the audio files only?

If there is a storyboard, it would be no problem to record the audio right away. The course functionality, interactivity and layout should already be determined, and I would imagine the storyboard would have the audio script broken up appropriately.

If there is no storyboard, this is where it would be best consult with the developer before recording audio. They may have ideas for layout, interactions and functionality that may impact the audio.

Typically, the order for creating a course is: 1) identify needs and objectives, 2) gather content, 3) storyboard course - this includes identifying course layout, functionality, graphics and writing the audio script, 4) course development - this is where everything gets put together

As a side note, I agree with Matthew as well that two hours is a bit long for an online course. Ideally, courses should be 15-30 minutes max. However, you could easily break the two hour course into sections and provide an option for the learner to complete it all at once or break it out at their own pace.


Based in India, I design e-learning courses and interactive media.

I have been developing e-courses especially in Articulate for the last 7 years.

I have delivered around 50-60 e-courses to my clients.

If you want to see my work, then kindly share your e-mail Id with me, so that I can mail you my samples to you.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards,

Rishi Thakur



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