Looking for some help with my calculator!

Hello, everyone!

Looking for some help with my calculator. How can I make this equation happen?

Calculation :

6 lb/ton (fixed number) *  Current value of gain (price entered by user) / 100   = Value of additional gain per ton of silage. (number to appear in red rectangle).

I added Calculate button but not sure how to proceed with its trigger.


Any ideas?






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Julie Frappier

I created Numeric Entry boxes for the Current Value of gain as well as Value of additional gain (blue and red boxes).

On my Calculate button, I added a Trigger... but couldn't find a way to multiply the 6lbs (fixed number) to the added Price the user will enter in the Current Value of gain, which is divided by 100... 

Julie Frappier


I have the JavaScript to show the decimals. However, not sure where to attach it to. I tried the following and didn't work:

Created a trigger 'Execute JavaScript' when user clicks the Calculate Button.


All the help I can get is greatly appreciated !