Looking for speech-to-text software

Anyone aware of speech-to-text software that can be used to transcribe audio from a meeting with multiple people/voices? Everything I'm seeing says it's designed for one voice that the program has to hear and learn first.

Anything else that you've used successfully? Or have you used, for example, the Dragon products with multiple voices and gotten readable results?

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Derek Frankhouser

Hi Carrie,

I recently faced the problem of transcribing over 10 hours of audio with different speakers.

As you pointed out, Dragon is designed to accurately transcribe a single voice, so that didn't fit my needs. I tried another software made by Koemei, but the automated transcription I received was pretty inaccurate. I would have needed to spent lots of time editing the initial transcript, so that was also out of the question.

I finally decided to look into transcription services available online. Amazon Mechanical Turk was among one of the services I investigated, but required me to manage and parcel out the workflow in a way that was unrealistic for the scale of my project.

I finally stumbled upon https://scribie.com/. They have very affordable pricing, their website links conveniently to Dropbox, and the transcriptions I received from them are well within the 98% accuracy they claim. They have fantastic customer service, and their staff answers customer e-mails promptly. I highly recommend them.