Looking for Teen/High School Characters to use in Storyline..

Jan 16, 2015


I work for a non-profit organization that builds online courses around the topics of adolescent sexual health. I love Storyline, but find the character bundles lacking when it comes to culturally diverse youth characters. Is anybody aware of options out there for Storyline characters that are of high school age? I've been directed towards E-Learning Bros and E-Learning Art sites, but wondering if folks had found any others?



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Matt Cherry

Hi folks,

Thanks so much for all the replies. On my current projects, I'm looking for photographic characters. Jerson and Wendy, thanks for reference to options for illustrated characters. I've got some projects later this year in which we might use illustrated characters. I'm trying to convince my manager to come up with some money to hire and photograph some characters that suit the project needs. 

Thanks again!


Jerson  Campos

Hi Eric,

What are you planning to do with the characters? Will you be using them as presenters like the the built in illustrated characters or will they need to have more dynamic poses as part of a story?  Either way I think you are going to be limited on your options unless you get something custom created for you.  

I don't currently have any teenagers on my website (adults, kids, monsters, and cats; but no teenagers). I can create custom characters if you are interested. 

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