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André Rodrigues

I Found one way, but if someone knows a better way to do it, I'll apreciate if u tell me.

This is the way I did it:

- Create one layer
- on the layer trigger to hide when finish

- on the layer trigger to show when finish

It works, here is the example, but like I said, if someone knows a better way, without use the layer will be awesome. Tnx a lot.

André Rodrigues

Michael Hinze said:

How about a trigger that jumps to the same slide when its timeline ends.

That was my first Idea, but this is more slow than the solution with the layer... We have a small "pause" time when u call the same slide again... I think with my layer solution, in some cases I'll get the slow too, but is faster than call again the slide.Any other idea?
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andre and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not sure I understand your example and how it matches your requirement to play the slide again - as this is only playing a layer over and adding another number to the variable. Michael's suggestion would allow the entire slide to replay at the end of the slide automatically, which sounds like what you asked for in your original question.  If we're misunderstanding something, please feel free to let us know.