Looped Music and Storyline 360 Best Practice for Multiple Slides in scene

Hi Everyone,

I've just completed my first course in Sstoryline 360  - whew hew! The first 5 slides I have set to auto move forward with no play head and am showing 5 slides some with timed elements displaying aligned with music but want the looped music to play seamlessly for all 5 slides. Well,  I thought I had accomplished this by taking my time to splice my music so slide 1 for ex. is 0-5 sec of looped audi0, Slide 2 looped audio is 5.1-15 sec, Slide 3 has looped audio from 15.1-30 sec etc( you get the idea). Sadly, when previewing the scene however, the music track skips between scenes and you can hear the slight interruption as each slide transitions. 

I read older posts and this seems to have been an issue but hoping other ideas have come up since or if I can get some direction from my fellow eLearning community I'd appreciate it. I did read that you could accomplish this by creating layers BUT I created 5 separate slides already with triggers, objects and I'd rather not have to recreate the slides over in Layers. Is that really the only way? I don't think I can copy a slide right into a layer and have everything come over.

Any thoughts/Ideals out there would be greatly appreciated!!


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