Looping animation to highlight interactive elements

Hey folks,

I'm working on a very lightweight software simulation. The narration describes the workflow, and the user should click on the button on the screenshot of the interface that will take them to the next step. 

I had originally set the slides to pause the timeline for each part of the workflow. I've been using colored borders around the buttons, and a text prompt beneath them to click, but users aren't picking up on it.  I'd like to have an indicator pulse around where they need to click, but it doesn't seem possible to have an animation loop when the timeline is paused, even if I have the animated element on another layer.  Any suggestions?

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Jean-Christophe Goyette

For a pulsing animation, I used a basic shape, a Fade In animation, a Fade Out animation (both with the same duration, like 0.5 sec) and 2 triggers:

  1. Change State of Shape to Hidden when Fade In animation is complete.
  2. Change State of Shape to Normal when Fade Out animation is complete.
Thomas Throop

I did some experimentation, and I think I have my solution.

John's suggestion is great (and one that I've used before for other things) but when the main timeline is paused, it pauses all layers.

I also tried splitting my phases into different layers instead of one long slide that pauses for each step. What's weird is that it does work if I place the play trigger for the first animation layer at the end of the main timeline -- but it only cycles twice and then stops.

Jean-Christophe's suggestion works, so long as I put each step on separate layers, so that the animation plays at the end of the timelines. Pause triggers on the timeline still pause everything.