Looping Animations without Layers or Motion Paths

Good day to everyone,

I am trying to figure out how I can keep an animation moving without layers or paths.  Specifically, I would like to have an EKG heart monitor strip look like its being fed fresh data.  We get the first animation to enter and exit perfectly.

However, when we get to the time to play the intro and exit paths again, I cannot figure out a way to get it to play again, in an endless loop.

Here is the kicker... I want to have this on one layer, if possible.  Additionally, I love the way that this looks, and would prefer to not have to path it in, and have it looks weird.

I know that I can layer it, and have the layers kick eachother off (layer a ends, causing layer b to start.  Layer b ends, causing layer a to start. etc).

I know that if I had an object motion path, I could use the trigger wizard to start the path again when it ends, but the Wipe feature is just so smooth, i am loathe to not use it. (you can see the GIF I attached for a visual reference.)

So... is there a way to replay intro and exit animations on a loop without having to use additional layers or motion paths?

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Michael Hinze

Technically that can be done, see a rough example here. This is a bitmap with a 5 sec. wipe entrance animation. There is an offstage object with a 5 sec. long looping motion path. When the path completes, triggers change the state of the bitmap to Hidden and immediately back to Normal. The bitmap is not moved, the motion path on the offstage object simply provides the 'pulse' to restart the wipe animation. Personally I don't think a motion path is not as smooth as a wipe animation, see the second example here.