Looping causes base layer timeline cannot be paused in Storyline 2


My course requires me to use looping at Slide Master's layer. But this causes the slide cannot be paused when I click on the pause button. Everything is fine when preview locally but when I view with story.html and even I uploaded to LMS websites, this problem occurs.

I've tried to use alternate option by applying the same loop layer in Feedback Master instead. But seems like Feedback Master does not read the layer created in there.

I'm using Storyline 2 (Update 12: 1705.520). Publish with HTML5, and without Articulate Mobile Player.

Please have a look at the attached dummy file I created.

Many thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Emalyn!  I made a couple of changes to your slide layer properties in the master view, and I was able to pause the timeline on the layers that were looping.

  • I paused the timeline on the base layer, and
  • I allowed seeking on the layer.

By adjusting those settings, I was making the timelines of the slide layers independent from the base layer.  The seekbar could then control the layer timelines.

The layer timelines are very short, so on the first play through, you have to catch the pause button before the timeline runs out.  If it runs out, you can always click on the seekbar to pause the layer, and then you can continue to toggle the play/pause button until the it switches to the next layer.

Here's my modified version of your project.  I hope that helps!

Emalyn Lim

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the reply. The short timeline was because the looping of the layers are for the customised timer countdown with the ability of toggle hide it. You may have a look at a sample file of my project. 

The customised timer was created in the masterslide as the timer would need to run through out the course until the result slide appears to determine whether the learner is too fast or slow in finishing the course. I would need the seekbar to control the base layer as there are videos in the content.

I have tried to experiment it many ways which would cause the timeline cannot be paused, and I concluded that it was the looping of layers in master slide. That is why I created the dummy file that I have attached in the 1st post.

Thanks for you alternative suggestion :)