Looping video in an object's hover state

Sep 28, 2018

I'm using Storyline 360 and I have an object that when hovered over plays a video. I made this video so that it would play in a loop smoothly. I have other videos in the project that loop by using the play media when media completes trigger. I can't seem to find how to add such triggers within an object's state and when I try to add a trigger into the main slide view the video doesn't appear as a drop-down option. The video starts playing as soon as you hover over the object and continues to play when you move the mouse away even though you can't see it, once it gets to the end it sticks and stays on the last frame.


Is there any way of getting this video to loop?


I can think of one workaround that will probably work where I put the hover state on a new layer and loop the video within the layer, but it would be nice to get it to work as a proper state. Do you think this workaround will be the only way to do this? The workaround is a little more messy considering the fact I have other layers doing thins on the slide as well.

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John D

Thanks for the help Susi. I read your comment and thought, great, why didn't I think of that myself? So I went ahead and converted the mp4 videos I had into gifs. It works but unfortunately the file is about 8 times the size it was before and too big for me to use.

I might not get a chance to upload a version for you to have a look at today but I'll try and get something up here after the weekend if I get a chance.

If anyone has any other solutions before then, I'll be happy to hear them. Any smaller file size alternatives to gif?

John D

So I have a solution to this. A colleague suggested that I use the video as the main object on the slide that is clicked on so that I can then control it with triggers on the slide then create states for the video that show and hide the other elements depending on hover status. When I tried this, it turned out that videos don't have editable states. :(

Then I came up with the idea to have the main object a square with transparency and just have the video looping hidden under the actual link with the changing states. I had to create custom hover and normal states though so that the image that covers the video to start with doesn't stay on the screen and the normal state is just the square with a transparency on it.

Maybe this can help others trying to do something similar.

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