Losing audio/images on Import

Hey, guys.

I've been working with Articulate for a couple of months and this issue hasn't cropped up until this week (which is the week before a deadline, of course.) 

Here's what's happening: We build the slides in Storyline by copying/pasting images to them from a powerpoint. These images work on the original presentation, but when we import them to a second storyline (we have a lot of handing off/switching around with our voiceover guy) the outlines of the images appear as a shape on the slide, but the image itself is gone. The same thing is happening with audio files- they will appear as a sound in the timeline, but the wavelengths aren't visible and nothing plays. It just seems to be a hollow shape.

Is this happening to anyone else? And is there anything we can do short of saving every single picture from the powerpoints and importing them? At this point, I don't think we have time for that.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Kate,

You may find that audio is missing for a new slide that was created by copying and pasting an existing slide. To reuse one or more slides in different projects and retain audio, import the slides rather than copying and pasting them. To learn how to import slides from one Storyline project to another, click here. Please review this article for more information.

Kate B

Thanks for the responses, gentlemen. Peter, immediately after I posted the question, it occurred to me that importing the slides might fix the problem, but it does not- the same empty placeholder appears in the timeline.  Adrian, the sounds are recorded in Storyline, so there should be no compatibility issues (or if there are, it is due to a problem within the sound recording portion of Storyline and nothing I know how to fix).