Losing audio in mobile devices

Mar 15, 2015


We are testing launching our courses on mobile for a large roll out in April. We are in the process of picking the vendor for this. I am finding that the course will play fine when I am connected to the Internet. We are using the LMS providers' Apps.  When I download the course for offline viewing, we lose the audio. The one LMS provider we are testing with, says that it doesn't download the audio and the player is looking for it online. That doesn't sound very useful. Does anyone have any experience with this, and any suggestions on how to correct?

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Laura Moats

So, if I understand you correctly. It is not the way that Storyline packages
the files, but rather how the vendor's LMS handles the package. So it is
possible to be offline and play a storyline course fully if the LMS vendor
has the capability to deliver the course.

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Rajesh Bhat

I am facing a similar problem this time with an app that accesses content locally from the SD Card in a Samsung Tab. The articulate content package loads and plays without audio. If I click on the help button which opens up as a dialog box. Moment I close the dialog box, the audio starts playing. 

While this is a problem, it gets compounded when I perform this action on lets say page 5 of my topic. The audio starts and plays the voice over for page 1....I do not know what to do. pls help!

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