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Harri S

Hi Melanie,

Could you tell us a little more about the issues you're experiencing...

What format are the disappearing graphics in ? (png, gif etc)

What publishing settings are you using? (HTML5 etc)

How are you viewing the course? (PC, Ipad etc)

Where does the course currently sit? (LMS, server etc)

Hopefully this should give us enough info to start troubleshooting

Melanie Gaiotti

They are simple clip art or jpg's. The next buttons are storyline buttons and are all set up to show until end once they pop up but on some slides they don't even pop up once published.

I'm publishing in HTML 5 and viewing it on a PC. I haven't even uploaded it to the LMS yet i'm just previewing it on my computer before upload.

The content is all present before publishing in the preview but once published it disappears.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

Are you previewing the course or viewing the published version from your local drive? If doing the latter, you'll want to test within the intended environment as described here. Testing it locally could cause you to encounter security restrictions or cause elements of your content to fail.

Also, if you're only viewing the HTML5 content, you'll want to view it within one of the browser documented here.