Losing functionality when Slides are placed inside a Question Bank

Apr 05, 2018

Hi there,


I'm building a custom Drag and Drop activity in SL360 without using Free Form as it can't quite do what I need it to. So I've turned to custom triggers and functions. It's a drag and drop with 8 Targets and 8 Drags except each drag has two locations it can be dropped on to be considered Correct.

Above isn't the problem as I was able to get this all to work fine along with incorrect and correct audio playing when a drag was dropped correctly and incorrectly using Drop Correct and Incorrect States.

When in Preview mode this works perfectly. If I publish the Slide by itself, it works perfectly.

The problem is when I place my 3 activities into a Question Bank for randomization it doesn't recognize when I've correctly placed a Drag. It doesn't play the corresponding audio when the Drags State switches to Drop Correct. It doesn't Jump to the Results Slide when all Drag Item states are Drop Correct. Etc. It's like all the Triggers are disregarded from my Panel once the slides are put into a question bank.

Not sure if there is a solution to this. More wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar issue when using a Question Bank. Or if someone could give me a reason why this would happen in a Question Bank.

I apologize but I do not have permission to share my SL file at the moment. For context, I'm building a Sudoku with images instead of numbers. Some of the images have multiple spots they need to be able to be dropped on.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



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David Breen

Hi Wendy,

Not sure I follow. I've built a lot of Custom Activities/Slides and simply put them in a Question Bank so I could use the randomization and I haven't encountered any issue similar to this. 

The Custom Activity also works completely fine If you publish it as a single Slide outside of the Question Bank. I'm just trying to figure out why the exact same slide that works fine, doesn't work the same when inside the Question Bank.

Thanks for the input. I'll keep digging for a solution.

Wendy Farmer

Sorry I'm just going on the first line of your post where you say you built it without using freeform.  So it's not a graded quiz type and it's not a freeform quiz type.  I'm not sure that non quiz type slides work in a QB but I could be completely wrong.

Hopefully someone else can chime in to help you.  All the best with your project.

David Breen

Well I could technically create 3 blank slides, put a circle on one, a square on another and a triangle on the third, place them in a Question Bank. Click on a shape and its Trigger will load a Results Slide. Then Draw 1 Slide from the question bank randomly, click on shape and load Results slide.

You can pretty much put any type of slide inside a Question Bank as far as I've noticed working with SL for the past year.

My concern is that all my functionality works fine if you published the activity on its own outside of a QB. But when in the QB all the triggers become disabled. The QB works fine, it's the triggers on my actual Slide activity.

For instance, if I have an image with a Trigger on it "Change State of image1 to Drop Correct when the user drops the object on target1"  it seems odd to me that that would be completely ignored once I put my Slide inside the QB. 

But it sounds like I may need to send my file to Articulate. It's kind of a hard example to explain. Thanks for your input Wendy.

Wendy Farmer

Absolutely stand corrected David...I never knew you could use any slide type in a QB - just found this in the 360 tutorial

To add slides to the current question bank, go to the Slides tab on the ribbon and choose any slide type. (Question banks can contain any kind of slide, except result slides.)

And I tested in SL360 and see the behaviour you described.  Hope the Articulate guys can get it sorted for you - all the best with your project :-)

I've attached the rough sample I did as well.

David Breen

Thanks Leslie,

I'm not sure sending in my file would help as it's a pretty straight forward bug I think as Wendy supplied a simple example in her SL file above. Change States Triggers don't seem to process inside a Question Bank.

I will however submit a feature request to have this fixed I suppose.

Thanks again,


David Breen

Hi Leslie,

I'd forgotten about this and developed another Module and sure enough I couldn't figure out why my Question Bank activity with 10 Slides inside didn't work properly once it was published. I think I developed another activity exactly like I've outlined above. Custom drag and drop Triggers don't work inside Question Banks properly.

Any chance this was looked at by the Articulate team? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David,

So sorry to hear that you've run into the same issue again.

Sounds like it is the same thing we have reported:

Change state to 'Drop Correct/Incorrect' triggers not working on Question Banks

I do not have an update. The workaround is to utilize a new state instead of the built-in drop correct/incorrect states.

Thanks for bringing this back to our attention. I'm going to update the report to reflect user impact as this how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

David Breen

Thanks Leslie,

I've also noticed in another Question Bank activity I've made that I'm seeing some unusual behaviour. I have a 8 or so Free Form Drag and Drops inside a QBank.

On each Slide I have a submit button for the learner to click once they've dragged all the items. I have a Submit interaction Trigger on the the Submit button so that once the learner clicks it will then change the states of the drag items to correct or incorrect. 

Only problem is when you view this published and in a QBank, no matter when you click the Submit button it just automatically advances you to the next slide in the Bank. So you can just keep clicking submit and jump through every Slide right through to the Results slide.

If you view the Slide published on its own however it runs smoothly. If I remove the Submit Interaction Trigger from all my Submit buttons as well and leave the other Triggers active it runs as it should when viewed in the QBank.

Is this also a known bug with QBanks? I might submit my file to support if you think it would be useful.

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