Losing Menu on iPad With Web Objects

This is my first day with Storyline and I'm also new to the iPad so maybe there's an easy solution to this that I'm not seeing.

Basically I'm creating an ebook with some extended features. There are 10 chapters, each chapter is a web object.

When I do the 2 finger thing (over the menu), the ipad expands the content of my web object to the full screen of the ipad - and the storyline left-side menu disappears.

When I try to do the 2 fingers to reduce the size back down, all I have on the screen is the web object so it increases or reduces the size of the text in the web object, but doesn't give me the menu back. I think I need to be out of the web object in order to get the menu back, but it covers the full screen.

I never am able to get the menu back. I have to close the app and restart it.

I hope that makes some sense.

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