Lost character images

Mar 02, 2014

I am evaluating Storyline with the trial version. I have created some slides which include the photographic character on them. I have saved my work and come back to it a week or so later. Now the character doesn't display on the slide (in edit or preview mode) object is still there ( you can select the box)  but it does not display. I have added new character images today and they are fine. ts just my ones from last week. Any ideas?


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Adam Love

Ok, I have verified that all files are installed locally.

I have conducted a repair of of storyline and I am still experiencing the same problem.

I have attached two screen grabs which show the slide preview with the image and then the slide itself in edit mode with no image.

The second screen grab shows that it is happening to my own imported images not just storyline characters.

When storyline saves its project file does it save a copy of the images separately? Maybe the links to these files are broken?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the images and conducting the repair steps. It's an issue I've seen before, although the cause has yet to be determined as it happens inconsistently for the users who have reported it. The next steps you may want to try include importing the existing Storyline project into a new project file to see if the images return, or you'll need to reinsert the images. If you'll have to conduct the latter I'd also recommend implementing a method to back up your project files. 

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