Lost video elements after upload.

Hello heros,

I have an old video project that was originally built in SL1 that now when loaded on a browser is missing many if not all of my slide elements - the slide is just a blank white screen on some browsers (see attached). The video worked perfectly fine for a few years and we only just now noticed the issue.

I opened and updated the project in SL2 and re-uploaded it to our server, but I am still missing elements and suffering from a white screen on some browsers. Not sure how else I might try to trouble shoot this and would really rather not have to re-build it from scratch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

Do you know what browsers you were using? My guess is that newer browsers were having a harder time with the Storyline 1 output. Uploading it to Storyline 2 and publishing from there should help you out - but if you're still seeing the blank screen I'd also want to make sure that you were viewing the newest copy. Can you try clearing the cache or looking at it in an incognito/private browsing window?

Matt M

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for the reply. I've tested on Chrome and Firefox. Chrome results is a blank screen as seen in my screenshot - Firefox does better and brings back most of the content, but is still resulting in missing elements such as our logo.

I took the original SL1 file and dropped it into SL2, updating it as a new SL2 file, and then uploaded to our server from SL2 - however this did not resolve the problem.

UPDATE: Testing again this morning playback on the video seems to be operating as intended. As Ashley suggested, it was likely a cache issue. Thanks for the suggestions!