Low Video Quality in Storyline 360 from Replay

May 07, 2021

Hi, Heros!

Here is my challenge for the day. I have a brief video showing learners how to allow pop-ups in Google Chrome. I captured the screencast in Articulate Replay, inserted it into Storyline 360, added captioning, some layers, and triggers for clarification, and that's it. Nothing fancy.

When I publish the story to an mp4 or even to Review 360, the video is very pixilated, the video lags, and the captioning flickers.

I've attached the story so you can see what I've used.

Any suggestions?


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Amanda!

I'm happy to help! It looks like the Compression of the video is set to Automatic. Instead, I changed it to None, which makes sure the quality isn't compromised when publishing. 

I've attached the updated project with the original slide as the first slide, and the uncompressed video is located on the second slide. Let me know if you have any questions!