M/C quiz answers not spacing properly

One answer takes up two lines, the other 3 answers are on one line each. When I publish the question, the answers bunch in places with too much space between others. I've deleted the slide and rebuilt it from scratch, I've tried Arrange > Align > Distrubute Vertically, I've tried to manually adjust the size of the text boxes to be more even. None of it has worked. Any suggestions?

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Wade Murphy

I have also encountered this problem, and am currently trying to create 20 quiz questions, so it's giving me headaches. I've attached the file for troubleshooting. Shuffling is off. I created this separate file from my course because of the problems I was having in the course with creating the questions. I've encountered this problem for a long time now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wade!

I'm not sure that I understand the issue that you are having or perhaps I'm not seeing the same issue in my published output:


Where are you publishing your content?

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