Mac user having issues publishing Storyline 2 file to Cornerstone LMS

Have a storyline 2 file which I've published to 2004 3rd edition SCORM as recommended in the Cornerstone help files and it's not successfully launching. File is loading the zip file fine (has been produced using Winzip in Parallels 12) but on launching we're getting a 404 error - File not found. Please help!

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Michelle Court

Ok this was weird... figured out the problem. There were a whole lot of files missing from the zip file. Most of the LMS files except for the Goodbye.html. and files from other areas. Haven't had time to do a full audit, but don't you think that's strange and to occur in more than one module?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

What's more weird is the published zip package uploaded correctly to Scormcloud - if it was missing all those files it should have thrown an error.

There are two ways to zip -

1. do you publish and zip from within the SL publish window or

2. do you publish and then zip the package from the windows explorer window 

Perhaps test both ways and see if there is a difference. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

I'd always recommend using the zip option from within Storyline vs. doing it on your own. Storyline will package all the files in the way it's needed for an LMS and get you situated right away. You may also want to take a look at our best practices for Parallels here - as working with the shared profiles in Parallels could be a part of what's causing the issue and odd behavior. 

Hope both those tips get you up and running again with Cornerstone! I know we've got a lot of Cornerstone users here in the forums, so if not - I suspect someone will be able to help!