Made Customised Certificate with Javascript but it is not show in Google Chrome

Jun 08, 2017

Hi Articulate team,

I am a newbie who just using Articulate story 360.

I try to make Customised Certificate file with Javascript the I found that IE, Firefox browsers are running well but it is not show anything on google chrome.

Could you please help me check my javascript code?


var player=window.opener.GetPlayer();

var learnerName=player.GetVar("learner");

document.write('<div class="bgimage"><img src="CertificateBG.gif"/></div>');
document.write('<div class="result">'+learnerName+', you have passed <b>The Quiz</b>!<br/><br/><em>For that feat, you deserve a break. Take 30 seconds. Then get back to work!</em></div>');

//Send print request to browser if possible
window.onload = function() { window.print(); }

Thank you everyone in advance.


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