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Glen Murdock

Is there a quick and easy way to set up the "Zoom Picture" feature while not showing the magnifying glass? If it must be there, is there a way to move where the magnifying glass appears relative to the timage? The magnifying glass and accompanying grey box overlap the main image a bit, and I'd rather they didn't!

I'm working on a project where I have a few screenshots of a program in action (SAP) and I'm pointing out some of the key features of the GUI, one of which is a portion of the status bar which appears at the bottom of the image - directly behind the magnifying glass. This part of the screen capture is only really visible if the image is then clicked and zoomed. I'd like to retain the zoom-ability of the image while also not obscuring any portion of the un-zoomed image.

There are a few workarounds to this, I'm sure. One of which would be to manually set up a hot spot trigger over the whole image ("Zoom Image" left unchecked on the base image, so no magnifying glass) that either calls up a lightbox slide or a simulated/mocked up lightbox slide with a larger version of the image. That'll take slightly longer than mere moments and so I'm hoping there's just a simple checkbox option somewhere to remove the magnifying glass that I haven't yet found...

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Joyce.  Zoom Picture will work for static images. 

The most popular ways to "zoom in" on a screen recording include zooming during the recording process, or triggering a lightbox slide to showcase an image of the detailed region.  If you don't want to re-record your process, using a lightbox slide or similar effect might be your best bet!