Mail To Email Address: Not Working

I am working on a project where I need learners to be able to email a specific address. This email address is similar to abc& When the email window pops-up, only abc appears in the to field. It is apparent, that something (either Articulate Storyline) or the Outlook mail client doesn't like the "&". Has anyone encountered this issue and how to resolve it? Changing the email address is not an option unfortunately.

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Brian Dennis

I suspect Outlook is receiving a partial email address truncated at the ampersand (&), though ampersand is one of the RFC supported character set. Parsing may be SL or underlying operating system.  You might be able to identify by entering the following text in a text editor and saving as email_test.html then opening this .html in your web browser

<html><body><a href="mailto:abc&">New email</a></body></html>