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Jeremie Leverich

Hi Emily! Thanks for getting back to me. This is currently happening on cloud.scorm.com and on our clients LMS.

If we click the link for the "send mail to" trigger (on page 79), the course does not register completion nor does the bookmarking take you back to the last page viewed (if the user continues through the course, closes out on any page past page 79).

If you do not click the "send mail to" link, the course completes as inteded on both cloud.scorm.com and our clients LMS. As well as resumes to the correct location when returning.

Jeremie Leverich

Hey Emily, thanks! The version I am using is Storyline 1 version 8:1412.921. I would like to be able to share my file with you so you can investigate further. However this is a confidential course that has been created. Do you have any problems with keeping the file itself confidential. The fixes discussed can be public. I just need the file to be private.