Main Menu slide bogging down presentation

Dec 04, 2012

Hello everyone!

I have a 37 slide presentation or so. Around slide 17 I have a "main menu" where users can click on any of 7 buttons which branch them to a 3-4 slide scene, then returns them to the main menu. In preview this main menu slide works smooth.. Upon publishing however this slide is bogged down, doesn't animate on properly - then after about 20 seconds will function very slowly.

Anyone know what this is? - each of the 7 buttons has a few states, nothing crazy.

HELP please!

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Nicky A.

Hey Peter!

Thanks again for getting back to me. I have all of your ideas bookmarked, however we are moving so fast that usually the first fix is the one we go with! I will give it a try when the video becomes a key part of the interaction, fortunately for now a 3D image will produce the same effect. 

I did try to create a new .story file and had the same results.. They are alpha channel .flvs so they can blend into the background and I had about 8 of them. When I replaced them with images my published package went from about 278 MB to 84 MB. haha. I think that was the major problem.

Thanks again!

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