Main Slide in 16:9, lightbox in 4:3?

Jul 24, 2012

GreetingsĀ Articulate Community,

I have a course that works best overall in 16:9 due to lots of video in that ratio.

However, I have a couple places where I want to use screenr recordings of software that is fixed at 4:3. Does anybody know of any way to adjust the size of JUST the lightbox slides to 4:3 so I don't have the pillaring effect on my lightbox?


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Steve Flowers

The size of the published output is fixed. However, you might be able to make this less noticeable by removing your frames entirely and unifying your background and trim colors with the same value. This would make the entire window one color. This offers advantages as it doesn't add decorative frames and focuses attention on the content or activity. Decorate the inside - not the outside

Dan Myers

Thanks for the suggestion on the frames. I actually figured out an alternative to the lightbox of putting my 4.3 content on a separate layer. I can get the same effect as the lightbox without too much extra effort. I'll have to duplicate that layer on all the slides where I have that lightbox, but that's not too much trouble.

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