Major Errors in Using Storyline

Feb 13, 2017

Dear all,

I've been using Storyline for over a year now and have never faced issue similar to what I'm facing now. I started using Storyline on Windows 8.1. It was on a bootcamp on Mac but it worked solidly until about three weeks ago. I couldn't save my files all of a sudden. The program started to freeze while I was working and would give me this message

"It is strongly recommended that you close any unneeded applications and save your project."

I have tried everything and anything I could think of doing, shutting down unnecessary applications, saving to different locations, switching the OS, increasing the RAM, following the instructions here and here, you name it. The error simply won't go away. I'm currently working on a Windows 10, 64-bit machine, with 8 GB RAM. The program is gratingly slow. I cannot do simple tasks, like, saving, duplicating, inserting, copying, pasting without the program freezing. I've included images of the errors below. My copy of Articulate is Update 11: 1609.3020. I'm at my wit's end and I'd be very grateful if I could be provided any assistance in solving this problem. Please, please help! 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Ayesha.  I feel your pain- I'm sorry this is happening to you!  You have done everything I would have recommended.  I use Parallels and I found that unless I disabled file sharing between my Mac and Windows environments, my projects wanted to save to a shared drive between the two.  I'm not familiar with Boot Camp's setup though.

Can we help you out in a support case?  Our engineers are fantastic, and they'll be happy to do some digging into your problem.

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