Make a button appear only when students revisit a previous slide

Nov 26, 2014

Make a button appear but only after the slide has been viewed the first time around. My students are going to revisit notes taken earlier in the lesson. I want them to be able to get back to where they left off by using a button. However, the button cannot be in the lesson the first time the user visits the slide it would only confuse them. So I need the button to display after they've view the slide and want to revisit the slide for the second time.

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Maree Eilman

Thanks Wendy! I also changed my "true" variables to false and it worked. Well actually I started a new Storyline file and in the new file I must have set the "Text variable you are talking about correctly and then I was still having the problem. But after I changed the "true" variables to false it worked. I'm a very happy camper. I have a deadline coming up on this project and this is so important. So if for some reason it doesn't work in my real file (these were just test files) I'll be looking you up again. Thank so much for your help. You are awesome!

Marcus Louvet Larsson

Hi! 2 years later i got a similar problem like the one Maree had. I want a button to appear when revisiting a results slide. Prior to the results slide is a question bank containing yes/no and multiple choice question slides. I´ve tried to follow Michael Hinzes example but cant get it to work. 

I´ve put the revisit variable to true on button 3 (se last pic) which leads you to show results from the questions in the bank. 

Happy for any help i can get! 

Thanks /Marcus

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