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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ebrahim,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

There are many many posts and examples of games created in Storyline. It really comes down to how you want it to look, what type of interactivity you want learners to participate in and what you want to do with the end result. 

First, I'd recommend deciding on the type of game you want to develop. Do you want a crossword puzzle? An RPG (roleplaying) type of game? The more you want to include in your game, the more time you'll want to invest in learning the features in the software. 

A great place to get ideas for a game is the following Word of Mouth blog post:

10 Free E-Learning Games for Articulate Storyline

If you're worried about creating your own game and think it may be too complicated, I recommend downloading some of the freebies in that blog post. You can play around and see which style or game type suits your needs.

If you have trouble, or can't decide on a game, let us know.