Make custom seekbar in articulate storyline 2

Oct 14, 2014

Is there any way I can make a custom seekbar I dont want to use whats in the default player, instead I want to make a seekbar of my own because I want to make a responsive project for which I have rendered frames in which there is a space dedicated to seekbar, please tell me any way to make a seekbar. Or just suggest me a way by which I can link my video playback to any object that moves with my video playback in a straight line and when I drag it the video will have to be forward or back in regards with forward and backward direction of the object just like the circle in the seekbar or youtube.

Please help me....

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Bruce Roberts

I have created a demo lesson with a seekbar and pause/play/rewind controls.

I'm trying to find a way to give interactive control to the learner in the same way as the base frame seekbar works.  I don't have Flash development skills and anyway I need this to work on iPads.  If anyone can tell me if this is possible with the Storyline SDK it would help.  Alternatively, is there anyone out there with SDK skills who would like a short contract to build something for me?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sameer,

This discussion is a bit older - but I'd be happy to help. 

The seekbar in Storyline 2 (and newer versions) allows for a read only option, meaning the user could see it progressing but not drag it. Otherwise the default option is that they can drag it or click around it to navigate to other sections of the timeline.

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