make hovers appear only on the first visit

Hi. I have a main menu slide. The first time a person visits, I want them to hear the narration which is a brief explanation of the contents of the presentation. Also, the first time, I want the user to see the hover effects when each navigation category is mentioned. For visits after the first visit, I want no audio to play, and I do NOT want the hover effects to show.

I have managed to get the audio not to play on the revisit, but the hovers are not cooperating. I think I'm close, but something still isn't right. If someone could look at my project, specifically my variable, and see my error, I would greatly appreciate it. The main menu slide is 1.3. Thanks!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Some people duplicate the buttons and remove the hover on one set. Have the buttons with hover hide after an event. If you put the second set underneath, that will be visible when the first set is hidden.

Another option is to not use hover. Instead create a custom state and use a state change trigger when mouse is over. Then use a variable condition to disable the mouseover.