Make Main Menu next lesson button available when 1st lesson is completed

Hello Heroes! I've developed a course with 5 lessons. All lessons are available from a main menu. I want to control which lessons are available when. The learner must complete lesson 1 before going to lesson 2. After these two lessons are complete, the other 3 lessons should become available to be taken in any order. Once all lessons have been completed, the Post-assessment becomes available.

My solution is to put a semi-transparent shape over the lesson buttons on the Main Menu that should not be available, and then change the state of these shapes to "hidden" once the learner has visited the last slide of the previous lesson by telling the slide to change the state of the shape if the associated variable is "true." I created True/False variables for each lesson (Visited1, Visited2, etc.), and on the last slide of each lesson I set up a trigger to change the associated variable from false to true (adjust variable "Visited1" to "true" when timeline starts) .

This isn't working. The Main Menu slide apparently doesn't recognize that the variables have been triggered on the slides at the end of each lesson. How do I get the Main Menu slide to recognize that the variables have been tripped?




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