Make my owl blink on a slide

I've read through some of the other blogs regarding blinking objects or "next" buttons, but couldn't quite find what I needed. I want my owl to blink a few times on a slide, not continuously. I experimented with triggers: I inserted a two black circles, once covering each eye. I made their "normal" state invisible, and "flashing" state black. I added 4 triggers to each eye, using 1/4 second intervals to change the black circles from invisible to black, and then again. 

This works, but is time consuming to build. And, I want to add more blinks. Is there an easier way to do this, so that I can add a few more owl blinks? I like the effect and will want to use it elsewhere. 


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Kayla Burtch

Perhaps a gif? You can make your own gifs a million places online (just google "GIF maker.") Then you can have two states for your owl. Still and blink. Then on the timeline you could have the state happen sporadically throughout. (Or you could even have it be easter egg based, the owls state changes to "blink" based on the user mousing over random spaces on the screen!)