Make "Next" button appear after all slide layers are visited

I have hotspots on a base slide that make a slide layer appear after clicked (there are 5 of these) and want the "Next" button to stay hidden until they have visited all five.  I can't seem to make the "Next" button in the player do that using a number of different ways.  I have tried making a True/False variable for all the slide layers and even adding a counter; none of these worked.  Would anyone have a suggestion on how to do this? I would prefer that I don't have to make a button on the actual slide, but just sticking to the button in the player. Thanks.

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Michael O.

Create a trigger with an initial state for the "next" button as being disabled.  Then create a trigger that changes the state of the "next" button to normal when all the buttons for the layers have been visited.  Using this technique will require you to change your hotspots for buttons or shapes with two states; normal and visited.  Make your button/shapes transparent to 99%.

See attached sample. 

Jessica Nguyen

Awesome, thanks Cary! It finally works.

One thing you can add to your Method 2 slide triggers is:

"Set Method2NextButton equal to True

When Method2Layer1 changes

If Method2Layer2 is equal to True and Method2Layer1 is equal to True"

This way is doesn't depend on which order the user clicks. :)

Edward Hoke

Team Helpers - Please lend a hand - 

I would like to have a NEXT button appear after all LAYERS have been visited. Worked on this most of the day and unsuccessful. Each Layer has a graphic that shows or hides the other two based on the action. I have tried everything and looked at these tutorials (one running off buttons) but cannot come up with the secret sauce. How can I have the NEXT button change to Normal after visiting the three layers? Thank you all! Ed

Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that's what you wanted. I simplified your setup to avoid having three layers overlap each other. The three circles are now on the baselayer and have Visited states, which I use to enable the Next button. Hope that makes sense.

Cary Glenn

I think part of the problem here is that you haven't given the variable "Par1Cir1" a trigger to change to normal that is outside of itself. It looks like you have set it to change the button to normal if it is true but not what makes it true.

I've added some extra triggers to adjust variables. See if this helps.