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Aug 10, 2012

[Program file attached]

Small comic-type scene.  6 draggable choices.  When they are dragged to the feedback panel, they get feedback on that choice. 

What I'd *like* to do is allow the user to drag, get feedback on that choice, the dragged button disappears and if they want, drag another button to the feedback box, have THAT button also disappear and get feedback for that button WITHOUT the previously selected button reappearing.  

I've tried all sorts of state changes.  I can get it to the point that they can drag as many options as they want but as soon as they drag a new button, the previously selected button reappears. 

How do I make them go away for good once they've been dragged??!


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Kevin Hart

@ Tom:  Wow.  Thanks for trying.  That was a lot of time.  I've spent too many hours trying to figure it out.  But there's something to be said about, "It's not just me."

@ Phil: All of the buttons have "hidden" triggers when they're dragged to the feedback box.  The trouble I run into is when the next button is dragged, the previously dragged button reappears. 

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the layers.  When a new button is dragged, it triggers "show" a different  feedback layer (a different layer for each button).  But the feedback layers don't know which buttons were previously dragged.  I've tried lots and lots of different conditions.  I either end up with what I have now or ALL the buttons get hidden each time a new layer comes up.

I'm *hoping* there's a way it can be accomplished.  I just might be building it the wrong way.  And, honestly, I'd be fine if an expert said it just can't be done.  At least I'd know. 

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I took out the drop option because you have a text layer over top of the drop target that changes with each layer.  I moved your feedback text box to the right a bit so the underlying box was visible to be dragged over.  Otherwise you would have needed even more triggers depending on what text box was visible to be dropped on.

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