Making a big storyline course... Should I divide it by days?

Dec 21, 2018


My name is Maria. My company and I just started to use Articulate Storyline. I have a question and can't find an answer to it.

We are creating English courses. Our courses usually last 30 days. Before using Scorm, we used LMS platform that opens a new assignment every day. 


Now, we want to start using Moodle and make our course completely in Articulate. As I understand, we are to make different scorm projects and upload it as different modules in Moodle. 


The problem is...we would like to have levels and points that will be collected by users during all days of the course. The question is: is it possible to create one big game with closed sections that will be opened by a timer? or maybe it's possible to upload from a previous day of the course to moodle and download from Moodle to a next day scrom? 

Do you know any other ways to do this or how to make these ideas work?



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