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Gerry Wasiluk

Yes--it resume is turned on and they take the course through a LMS.  Force the resume (don't give them the prompt which you can choose to do in the player setup) and they will always be taken to the last page in the course. 

Have a variable for this.  Make it initially false in the course.  Once they get to the last page, make the variable true.

Then you can customize what they see or not on this last page with the variable.  Also, hide the default player navigation on this last page if you are using it.

If you're not tracking this was a LMS, you have to hope they always access the course through the same PC so the resume can be retrieved from the Flash cookie.

Jill Blaser

I definitely will! It's not something I'm currently working on, but I needed to know if it was possible. I'll find time to try it out and let you know though.

Thanks again! I so appreciate the support in this forum. It's amazing to me the willingness that others have to share their knowledge. I hope to someday be able to reciprocate it!