Making a pie chart with sections that will pop out/highlight with slider

I have an Excel pie chart from PowerPoint and I want the segments to pop up or highlight when I drag a slider to the coordinating variables.  Excel won't let me edit the chart and cropping doesn't look good so I'm going to have to my own circle in 5 or 6 pieces and then just change their states accordingly. I'm not sure what shape to use though (triangle? arc? crescent moon?) or how to ensure a smooth line fitting them all together as one.  Best case scenario, I find a circle graphic with layers and show/hide the layer as I need it.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Emily! I love your idea to combine a slider with an interactive pie chart. That reminds me of this example which combines a slider with a bar graph - maybe you can use that example as a jumping off point. You can always use the Pie shape to create the pieces - you'll have to click and drag the yellow marker as I've done here to customize the size of the piece. 

I'd be interested to see a sample of your finished product, if you don't mind sharing it!

Crystal Horn

Hey Emily...clearly Alyssa and I were both inspired by your challenge.  :D

I had to see if I could mock up an example, so I'll share it here!

Pie Slider

And I'm attaching the source file below.  I just layered those pie shapes (like Alyssa built) on top of each other, and created some colorful states with text boxes that are triggered as the slider is manipulated.

Thanks for reaching out!

Emily Ley

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I brained this to work!  Thanks for your help Crystal and Alyssa!!
I'm attaching the result --> be sure to click the Direct Support button for the slider to come up if it isn't already visible.

I'll probably go back and remake the pie chart so show the overlap in Supporting Departments a little better.  But hopefully this shows that Finance supports both Law/Justice as well as Financial Planning/Budget