Making any screen behave like a quiz screen (submit/next buttons)

I have a series of interactions that we are not tracking yet behave much like a quiz screen.

The user selects T/F for example and hits a SUBMIT button (SUBMIT button part of content area/not part of Articulate Player).

We like the way the Storyline Player buttons behave - especially the way the Questions screens work - a SUBMIT button appears in place of the NEXT button, and is replaced by the NEXT button after user submits choice.

How would I easily add this functionality to the Articulate Player for my non-Quiz-based screens? I suppose I could rebuild them as Quiz screens but there are a bunch and I would rather add variables or something to make these behave the same way as Storyline Quiz screens, thinking this would be less work.

Any guidance is appreciated!

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Julia Koller

Hey Bart... have no worries. You can add the Storyline "Submit" button to any slide. Simply go to Slide Properties, then under Slide Navigation controls, check the box next to "Submit".