Making Articulate question banks work in Moodle

Hello All,

We are making the switch from an external LMS to our own. For this we decided on Moodle. Everything works fine, except for one thing with the question banks.

My question is: 

Is it possible to get a report with all the questions from the question banks and the answers that the learners gave?

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Sander van Leeuwen

Thanks for your answer Laurence. We have tried the Moodle function for the quizzing (which is pretty nice) but we like the articulate option better to keep things together. 

What we have now is the correct answer and answer given but it doesn't look user friendly in the excel file (too complicated for our customers) and it does not show the question, only the ID. But yes, maybe we will have to make something ourselves for it.

Steve Flowers

Hi Sander -

I haven't used Moodle in awhile so I don't know which data elements they support. Storyline sends question item data (interactions) to the LMS that houses the content. Here's what Storyline sends to the LMS:

Have you tried publishing to SCORM 2004?  If Moodle isn't catching and reporting these, it's a limitation of the LMS itself. I would bet that Moodle is actually catching these interactions, it' could be that Moodle isn't making the report visible in an intuitive way. Some discussion around this here:

Dan Marsden

If you are using SCORM 1.2 packages and a recent supported version of Moodle then you don't need to do any custom programming - Moodle has an interactions report that displays the interactions.

SCORM 1.2 doesn't pass the "question" to the LMS - it only passes an ID so the interactions report can be hard to interpret unless your interactions have useful ids.

Moodle doesn't officially support SCORM 2004 packages and the interactions report currently only supports SCORM 1.2 data - there have been a few people in the Moodle community that are interested in improving the interactions report so that it works better with SCORM 2004 data but I"m not aware of anyone who has done this.

More info on the status of SCORM 2004 in Moodle is available on my blog: