Making Changes after Publishing

Nov 05, 2013

I am new to Articulate Storyline... so I am sure this is a rather rookie question but, I am in need of expertise.

BLUF: Is it possible to 'crack open' a project after it has been published, in order to revise content?

I created a class and published it in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the program while working with the 30 day trial. Now that I have purchased Storyline, I would like to go back into the published class and make modifications to take advantage of the work I have already done. Possible?

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Brian  Payne

Thank you Leslie. I changed computers since creation of that course and lost the .story file along the way. I worked diligently for hours trying to find ways to open the project and assumed it was an act of futility. I just needed confirmation from 'the experts' before starting over. -- thanks again.