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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Anna,

1) The most important aspect to realize is the absence of any hover states. Although technically hover states ARE present in the iPad, it is done in a convoluted manor IMHO, so you'd probably be much better off not presenting any information through that state at all.
2) Make sure your story aspect ratio translates well with the ipad (i.e. not too "widescreen").

3) Javascript triggers are not yet supported in AMP.

4) Make sure your buttons are big enough for those of us with "bigfoot" fingers.
5) Try implementing swipe-like gestures (If you have the creative freedom to implement such a thing). 3 empty invisible hotspots can simulate this very well on the iPad.

6) The zoom tool works very well with finger tapping so don't forget to use that on occasion.

That's all I can think of right now.

Hope it helps,