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Just started using Storyline after nearly 10 years on Captivate (not that it matters as I can't do this in Captivate either). 

I recorded my screen "step-by-step". In some of the resulting slides, I want to add a few captions. However, due to different peoples' reading speeds, I'd like them to click the mouse to make the next caption appear and progress through the slide, and also click the mouse to proceed to the next slide after the final caption. 

The only workaround I can find is to pause the slide just before the 2nd caption appears, then add a trigger for the user to click within the "screen recording action" to resume it. Not only is this fiddly, if I also have the same trigger to move to the next slide, it just jumps to the next slide (presumably cos it's the same trigger). And they have to ensure the mouse is within the player. 

So basically, is it possible to display the next caption each time the user clicks ANYWHERE, and once all captions are displayed, click anywhere to progress to the next slide?

Sorry if this is a bit garbled. Might explain why searching didn't bear any fruit!

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Walt Hamilton

Put an invisible object covering the area to catch the clicks. Increment a variable each time they click. Use the variables in conditions to choose which action is appropriate when they click:

Add 1 to Variable when user clicks.

Show caption 1 when the user clicks if Variable = 1.

Show Caption 2 when user clicks if Variable =2

Jump to next slide when user clicks if Variable = 3, etc.

Richie Hewitt

That's a great help Walt! I set it up this way and it didn't take long at all. I'm assuming you meant to add each of the captions as a separate layer?

Just one supplementary question :) ... The captions take up quite a bit of space on the screen. I've found that if you click on the caption, it doesn't register as clicking on the rectangle. I've tried bringing the rectangle to the front, but it has no effect. Is there any way round this problem?

Thanks again for your help. 


Richie Hewitt

Thanks Brett!

Not quite sure if it's what you meant, but I now have multiple captions in a hidden state that you then click to appear in turn (using a variable as Walter suggested). And it works perfectly (including fading the captions out at the end which I couldn't get to work before. 

Btw, this will probably be old hat to most of you (hence my avatar!) but for slides where there's a lot of clicks, I found it handy to add a text box, then add a reference to the variable in it. Then you can see the number increment as you click through the slide. 

Thanks again for your help chaps!