Making elearning downloadable.


I'm hoping someone can please help me work out how to publish my e-learning for the general public. (I'm using Articulate Storyline 1)

Ultimately, we would like people to be able to download our e-learning, module by module and let them use it on the go. We want to host the download links on our website.

1. How would I publish it and put it on our website, in a downloadable form?

2. Will the javascripts still execute as triggers, if users work offline?

3. We have a name entry section at the start of the e-learning at the moment. Is there a way to make this text entry stick, so that the software remembers the name, even if users close the program and either start from where they left off or begin again completely.

Sorry to ask so much at once, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Nicola

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Brett Rockwood

If your users are using iPads or Android tablets it is possible to have offline viewing. You need to publish for mobile devices and include the ability for offline viewing. Your tablet viewers need to install the Articulate Mobile Player on their devices (it's free). Then they can access your training and download it to their devices for offline viewing.

If you choose "Resume" in the Player set up then any variable, etc., you set up should be remembered. Many people use a name varialbe where the users enters their name and then it is referenced throughout the course. This should work. If you are using JavaScript to pull a name from an LMS, I'm not sure how that would work offline on a resume; I never tried it.