Making Hidden states Selected

I'm trying to make a "hidden" button show as "visited" but cannot seems to get my statement right.  The items grouped together below are shown as a hotspot which then jumps the person to another few pages of content.

I was thinking it was a 2-part issue where I would use the following triggers:

For the Grouped Rectangle:

- change the state of [rectangle1] to visited

- when user clicks on [hotspot1]

Then for the visited button:

- change the state of [button1] to visited

- when state of [hotspot1] is selected

Something's not right.  Help! -k

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Greg Damron

Hi Karen, here's an example file that may be of help. From your question, I'm not sure how you're referring to the hotspot/grouped rectangle, but I've set up a few ways to make a hidden button visible when an other object (a colored circle in this case) is selected.

I found, strangely, that  when changing the state on the button from hidden to visited without directly visiting it (Ex #1), the state changed, but the text caption "visited" did not display. Example 2 uses a text box for the "visited" text on top of the button and seemed to correct this.

Since you mentioned using an object grouping - example 3 shows a group (which doesn't natively allow states) and then the same group saved as a picture -  then re-inserted and given hover and visited states.

I hope I've understood what you would like to do and this may be of help! Do you plan to use the buttons for a further action once they are visible?

Karen Loftus

I'm wondering if the problem is with buttons changing states as a result of clicking on hotspots.

I cannot get this function to work:

Change state of [button1]

to Hidden (or any other option)

when user clicks

on [Hotspot1]

Seems like that ought to work, but it doesn't.

The buttons were simply a way of showing progress, so they serve no "real" purpose.  I could just take them out and be happy, but now I'm frustrated and want a solution. -k

Annie Jean

Hi Karen,

would you take a look at the file I upload?

If I understand well what you want to do, you don't need any hotspot.

what I have done is saying

Change state of shape to Hidden

When button is clicked (and I have added a visited state to the button which doesn't need any trigger)

Tell me if it is what you are looking for or if we can help you in any other way.

Have a nice day!