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Cary Glenn

Hi Andrew,

Take a look at this. I used powerpoint to cut out the people and then took the original picture and made it black and white. I then pasted the people on top of a the picture again. Copied both images and pasted it into storyline as a state for the image. I inserted a free form shape and made it transparent and added two triggers, one to change the state of the image and the second to show a layer with the caption.

Here is the link to show how to work with Powerpoint. You basically need to remove the background on all but the person you want in colour. http://blogs.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/how-to-create-characters/

Andrew Myrie

Thanks Cary and Michael. I have amalgamated both of your suggestions and used PowerPoint to cut out the characters and saved them. Then I used PP to change the image, to act as a black and white background. Then I used layers and triggers to make each character visible and in colour and the rest of the image in black and white and out of focus.

I would love to show you but as I am still a novice at this....I don't know how :(