Making Puzzle Pieces with PPT?

Hi! I want to make puzzle pieces from a photo (I viewed Tom Kuhlman's tutorial found here:, but I can't get the puzzles to fill with the image - the area AROUND the piece fills with the image (see attachment).

What am I doing wrong?  Is it the puzzle piece image that's the problem?  Does anyone have the pieces Tom used in his demo now that MS Office clipart is gone?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lucy -- Thanks for reaching out here! I'd be happy to contact Tom to see if he is able to stop in and shed a bit more light, but in the meantime, you may want to check out this rather robust thread on a similar topic for additional ideas. And you are also be welcome to post over in our Building Better Courses forum, as well. :)

Lucy Wood

Thanks - the actual tutorial is a different one (I've been searching through so many search results that I get them confused).  Tom did a tutorial of a slide background of the articulate logo in a picture and used the same puzzle pieces to demonstrate "fill with background image".  That's the one I'm trying to replicate with the screenshot I captured.  I don't understand why the outside area of my pieces are what are showing the background and not the pieces themselves.  I'm thinking it's the graphic of the piece that's the problem?