Making Quizzes hidden until all content visited?

Jan 15, 2014


I'm a Lecora and Camtasia to Articulate Storyline.  I want to use the table of contents...but it shows my ten-question quiz in the TOC when the learner first opens the course.

I want to have my test hidden until the learner visits every page of content...once that happens, they can see and take thw test...and even if they fail...I want them to always see the test after they have met the conditio of having visited every page of content.

Finally, we have Saba LMS and I want to pass that progress onto the LMS so that they never have to revisit pages to access the Test once they've visited them,

I don't see a way to do this and I rusty on variables...but do I need to use variables for this?  Can you hide pages from the TOC?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Anne Goldenberger

Russ I don't think that any of the skin/TOC/playbar can change in runtime.  However, you can set individual slide properties to not show the TOC at all, but you can't add a variable to cause an item to appear in the menu.

You can hide pages from the TOC by going into the Player, and clicking Menu.  In the Menu, you can easily delete items to prevent them from appearing in the TOC.

On your second question, yes, if learners have viewed the whole course, if they start the course in the LMS again, they should be prompted to resume the course where they left off before (but they have the option of saying No).   You could easily test this with a short 2-3 slide course to see for yourself.

Hope this helps, though I know it's not the answer you hoped for

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russell,

It looks like Anne has you covered on most fronts, and in regards to your quiz, you may want to also look at "restricting" navigation within the menu. This way they user wouldn't be able to jump around trying to find the quiz and answer it. They would be able to use the next/previous buttons in the player to pass by content. 

You could also track variables throughout the course, say a number variable that at the end of each scene is adjusted by adding 1. When the user gets to the start of the quiz (start with a blank quiz slide), they'll only be able to proceed using the next button if the "SectionsVisited" variable is equal to the total number of scenes. 


If they need to view all pages, set up a t/f variable for each page and set it to true when they visit. Set up an additional "show quiz" variable that will only be set to true when all of the page variables are also equal to true. Show the quiz once the "show quiz" variable gets updated. You may want to add a "take the quiz" button on each of your pages that is hidden until the user can take the quiz. This way, no matter where they are when they complete viewing all the pages, they will be prompted to go to the quiz and can use the button to navigate their way there easily.

David Smith

Hi Russell.

Couple things I have done:

As previously suggested you can hide the TOC in player controls.

On narrated slides I usually put a trigger that prevents Next button from working until the timeline ends.

Before going to the quiz I usually use a trigger at the end of a scene that confirms the user has reached the last slide. Then and only then when all confirmations are complete will the quiz appear.

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