Making something appear

I'm sure this is easy but it has me stumped. I have a layer with a series of buttons that are options to view one or more videos associated with a map. After 120 seconds a Back button appears and I would like this button to

1) Return to the screen with a series of buttons - easy

2) Set the button to disabled - I will add a reset button on this screen to allow re-visiting - easy

3) Un-hide a checkmark that I have created that is currently hidden but sits over each button - can't get the checkmark to appear!!!



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Jill McNair

Hi Ken,

Instead of separate check mark over each button, I think that it would be easier to add your check mark to the Visited state of each button. Then the check mark will automatically show when they return.

If you are not sure how to do this, watch this screenr I did for another reason (hiding the next button) because it shows you how to add the check mark to the Visited state.

Hope it helps!